Jun 27, 2011

Latest news

Thank you for all your support and kind words! We received a lot of emails with feedback, ideas, greetings and bugreports - that's far beyond our expectations.

After many sleepless nights, team meetings and thinking hard on the future we decided to continue developing 10minSS. Yes, we started to work on more features, bugfixes, and better balancing of races. It will surely take some time, but for the meantime a new version will be released in the next few days with some bugfixes.

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We'd like to say THANK YOU to the following sites and people who involved:
Quarter To Three forum
Kerberos Prod forum
Mod DB and Indie DB


  1. Heya

    I can see the market potential for this game on the iPad et al as well as the PC.
    Possibly even an XBLA version.

    I would however appreciate it being available on Android Pads et al also, as that is what I personally own... ;)


  2. Absolutely love this game

    Try to improve the AI so they will build Orbtial
    stations. Graphs at the end of the game too.

  3. we are working on new features and improvements, AI-OrbitalStation is one of them.

    android and/or iphone port... well, this is a question of time. we'll see :)

  4. Also, being able to mouse over population growth, fighters etc... and see the base + %modifiers would be good because I swear fertility isn't affecting my home planet most of the time, and it would be good to check for myself.

  5. That's fantastic news, I've been playing this off and on for a total of around four hours, it's a blast.

    As a fan of the Master of Orion series, I'm glad to see such a fun and simple freeware version that I can use to introduce people new to the turn based 4x space strategy games.

    I've been rather down as of recent, and this game has really given me something to take my mind off of things, so thank you guys so much, and I can't wait to see what future versions will bring, I'm sure it'll be great.