May 2, 2013

2013 - The Journey Continues

No big updates for today. We are working on the game and making good progress. Porting the game takes a lot of effort and time, please be patient.

Some FAQ, since the last update:
Q: "Oh, please, tell us that this Android port won't be exclusive for hungarian players like de Uscilliardos version"
A: The game won't be Hungarian exclusive. We will use all available language packs to date.

Q: "It would be nice to see a new post here at least once or twice per month..."
A: Okay! :)

Q: "Are you going to make multiplayer?"
A: Yes. Multiplayer, achievements, stats after rounds, etc.

Q: "Why don't you translate Urcsilliardos version to English"
A: Because of exclusive rights... we can't do it.

Q: "Will there be a way to mod the AI ?"
A: I don't think so but we plan to level up the current AI.

Q: "Linux version?"
A: Uhm, well... not sure about it :)

Thank you for your support, bugreports and game ideas! We love you guys! <3