Dec 19, 2014

New hex fade effect, call for opinions

Good news everyone, recently I messed around a little with the code doing the game map drawing, and based on one of our reader's - Jorge - suggestion, I came up with a fading effect of the hex grid, based on the mouse cursor position. You can see it in action on the video below (sorry for the shitty quality), and on some screenshots too. The effect can work in two different ways, the grid is either visible only around the mouse, or visible everywhere else, except around the mouse. What do you think, which is better?

Dec 11, 2014

Important milestone reached!

I'm happy to announce that most of the game logic is complete, there are still some important parts I need to implement, but the foundations are done. Now I will concentrate on the GUI and graphics side, so that later we could present some new screenshots too.

Nov 9, 2014

Knee deep in code

Hi everyone. Sorry, no screenshot today, only a diagram on the current progress. As mentioned before, the Gameplay module is under development, which is the core logic of the game. But, one picture tells more, than a thousand words:

Oct 20, 2014

Look, a screenshot! A real one this time...

...well, sort of. As the map generation is finalized, we decided to finally do something visual, therefore we created a PoC for drawing the game map. See the screenshots below, and let us know your opinion about the new map generation algorithm.

Sep 6, 2014

Brief update on development

The summer has passed, but there's no reason for us to be sad, since another module of the codebase is ready - the biggest, and most important one yet. Take a look at the diagram, as we go back to bring you even more awesomeness ;).

Aug 3, 2014

Summer Update

Hi everyone. We hope everyone spends the summer well, having a great time on your holiday. We're having a great time too, while we redesign and develop the game internals, keeping the original gameplay, but implementing it in a more modular way. The redesign gives us opportunity to make a better game than the original (for example the map generator will be much more sophisticated).
No diagram for today, but stay tuned for more. We have some pretty neat ideas on how to make the game more immersive ;)

Jun 2, 2014

June Dev update

Good news, everyone! Another package in the Gameplay Subsystem is complete, moving on to the next one. Some statistics about the current state of the code, in case someone's interested: 4883 lines of code in 127 source files, and growing :).

And, as usual, have this class diagram of the completed package... this time with slightly more detail ;).