Jun 27, 2011

Latest news

Thank you for all your support and kind words! We received a lot of emails with feedback, ideas, greetings and bugreports - that's far beyond our expectations.

After many sleepless nights, team meetings and thinking hard on the future we decided to continue developing 10minSS. Yes, we started to work on more features, bugfixes, and better balancing of races. It will surely take some time, but for the meantime a new version will be released in the next few days with some bugfixes.

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We'd like to say THANK YOU to the following sites and people who involved:
Quarter To Three forum
Kerberos Prod forum
Mod DB and Indie DB

Jun 6, 2011

10 Min Space Strategy v1.0 (final)

Ladies and gentlemen!
We are proud to present the final version of 10 Min Space Strategy.

New features:
  • Load/Save
  • Language selection (english/hungarian @ 10mss_config.exe)
  • Minor tweaks here and there
Download link: 10 Min Space Strategy v1.0 (final).

Send your feedback, bugreports, questions, screenshots, stories about the game to goblinluntics()gmail()com.

Have fun and enjoy the game! :)

Jun 1, 2011

10 Min Space Strategy v0.9 beta released!

Hot fresh news! We released the v0.9 beta version of our sci-fi strategy game today.

Download link: 10 Min Space Strategy v0.9 beta
Known issues:
  • "Empire details" panel is incomplete
  • "Death" panel will be changed
  • There is no Pause function on ESC during in-game
  • Save/Load function is missing
  • English/Hungarian translation is buggy here and there
  • Win/Lose screen is still empty
We want to release "v1.0 - That's all, folks!" version this Sunday (05.06.2011), so if you find a bug or just want to give us a feedback, please contact us until Sunday.

Another news is that we've been nominated as "Indie project of the month" at Jatekfejlesztes.hu. You can read a short interview with us (hungarian only) there.