Feb 18, 2011

Game Features

Uh oh, so what can you do as the ultimate emperor of your race in 10 min space strategy? Well...

The game features a race editor. Want to have a race that excels in scientific fields, starts with more fleet than the others, and has a freely colonizable planet near its starting place? Do it! Or maybe you want a warmonger race, that excels at space combat, fights fiercely when cornered, and gains bonuses by defeating enemy fleets? You can do it here! All while keeping it simple and intuitive.

There is a random-generated map that is full of interesting things. Planets, for example, that you can colonise. You should choose planets that are similar to your homeworld, because population builds up very slowly elsewhere. Planets also have different secret traits, that you can find out by colonising them; one might be a bit larger than you expect, the other has rare materials that speed up the building speed.

Better planets are guarded by space monsters you have to defeat before colonising the planet.

You can build buildings on the planets. Okay, it is not that revolutionary, I admit it :) but neccessary to build up more fleet, to expand, to have more research laboratories and access to more advanced spaceships.

Also, there are anomalies like alien wrecks or asteroid fields rich in minerals. Anomalies give huge bonuses when you station your fighters there, giving your armada something to do even when no enemy is near. Careful though; when on an anomaly, your fighters are more vulnerable, so don't get caught :)

There are five technology branches you can research and a couple of unique technologies assigned randomly at the beginning of each game.

There is also a really cool spaceship combat visualisation :)

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