Feb 16, 2011

Goblin Lunatics

Welcome to our blog! We are the Goblin Lunatics, a small but dedicated game developer team from Hungary. We are making games mostly because making games is, well, our hobby, art and chosen lifestyle.

We are currently developing our first game, a turn-based space strategy that is focused on quick play sessions, abstract mechanisms and high replayability. We will tell you more but let us introduce ourselves first :)

We currently have 3 members; our programmer and C guru HomeGnome, our incredible music composer and community manager Vincenzo, and some sucky artist/designer, yeah, thats me, Archenemy :) We sometimes also involve specialists of different fields (Hey Nauris!). I don't want to burden you with a lot of unnecessary details about us, our hobbies, favourite games, lifestyle, age and all these boring stuff; so why not go straight to the point and read a bit about our game?

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