Mar 13, 2011

Responses so far

I'd like to write a few words about the responses to the game and how they affect the future development of "10 min space strategy".

First, most people who wrote their opinions enjoyed the game and found it easy to understand, which is a big plus (we also got some media attention at Spacesector :) ), also most people didn't find any bugs, which is also very good for a game still in development.

On the other side there are several recurring issues, probably the most important being fleet splitting. We don't have any tutorial yet to cover this aspect of the game, but I think that we have to make this more straightforward anyway.

Some people mentioned that it is hard to gasp the concepts of bombing planets; when you move your bombers above enemy planets, it seems that nothing is happening, since bombing begins only in the next turn. We are thinking about how to solve this issue.

The third problem was that the researchable unique techs were somewhat hidden; we could solve it by having the empire panel open at the beginning of the game. So players can instantly observe what unique technologies they got.

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