Jun 6, 2011

10 Min Space Strategy v1.0 (final)

Ladies and gentlemen!
We are proud to present the final version of 10 Min Space Strategy.

New features:
  • Load/Save
  • Language selection (english/hungarian @ 10mss_config.exe)
  • Minor tweaks here and there
Download link: 10 Min Space Strategy v1.0 (final).

Send your feedback, bugreports, questions, screenshots, stories about the game to goblinluntics()gmail()com.

Have fun and enjoy the game! :)


  1. Love the game but I have encountered basiclly a crash bug. Randomly, (and uaslly when I'm doing good!) all my stuff blows up and it says "insertnamehere has died" and when I click okay it just appeared again. It keeps popping up the same image. I've had this happen twice already.

  2. And as above when I kill an enemy race completely, it says that a diffrent one was destroyed and the thing with the message repeating over and over again happens.

  3. devlin, please send a mail with "10minspacestrategy.log" file attached and including your pc config to us! thank you!

  4. Really fun game, but it's a bit hard because many of the menu screens won't show up. This includes the options on the main menu screen. I have to listen for the sound that's emitted when my cursor hovers over an option and I figured out the first one from the top starts the game. There is no log file, but I can tell you I'm running Windows 7 (32 bit) on an Intel Celeron M processor running at 1.5 Ghz with 1.5 GB of RAM.

  5. Very good game, I am sure this is not your first :)

    Are you planning any additional stuff? It would be great if there were some more graphic fights, like in master of orion 1 or 2.
    Even something completely automatic, but more diverse would be awesome.

  6. zxcv: well, this is our first game that we created together :)
    we are working on a new version with bugfixes and better balancing, it will arrive in a few days.

    dual_personalitie: this seems like a videocard/driver bug. have you tried to install the newest driver? if that won't help, please send a mail with you detailed pc config!
    thank you!