May 17, 2014

Dev. diary, May 2014.

Heyo, a brief update from the developer. Due to personal reasons, there weren't any updates for a while, sorry for that. But things are getting up to speed again, as we start to re-design and re-implement the real guts of the game, the game logic itself. As for a consolation, take this new, shinier version of the package design:


  1. Nice colors, dude... except for the green, I think. This green is not green enough for me, I don't know why...

    1. Taking a second look, I found a little difficult to distinguish between "Game Map GFX" and "Map GFX Elements"...

    2. The two packages do have some common responsibilities. The Map GFX Elements is a lower order package responsible for the element of the game map and the objects on it, while the other is the package holding the elements together. This diagram is not the final structure, maybe later these two packages will merge, but we'll see.

    3. Now I see... Ok, then!

      Remeber to put a greener green next time! Lol...