Oct 20, 2014

Look, a screenshot! A real one this time...

...well, sort of. As the map generation is finalized, we decided to finally do something visual, therefore we created a PoC for drawing the game map. See the screenshots below, and let us know your opinion about the new map generation algorithm.


  1. A simple suggestion.

    I wonder if having a [even] more transparent hex grid wouldn't get a better look and feel of interplanetary space. Or, maybe, the hex grid could fade in only when needed (for example, when moving a selected fleet) and then fade out. In my opinion (as a 10minSS player), the hex grid (as it is) steels some of the importance of the starfield behind it. I don't know, maybe that's the goal but, the grid makes the game look too much like those we play on a real table (with dices and stuff like that) -- wich is not a bad idea anyways.

    What do you guys think?

  2. Well, that's an interesting suggestion. Perhaps I can experiment on making the grid transparent, and only visible under the mouse pointer, fading it in. Using multitouch tablets, it could be an even better visual effect :). Great idea, I'll try to come up with something on the implementation side, and will show it in a separate post. Thanks!

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