Aug 14, 2012

Status update and news

Lifesign. ...sign..ign..n.. *echo*

We released a special edition of 10minSS, called 10 Perces Urstrategia - Az Urcsilliardos
Races, properties, story elements are based on Gyorgy Dragon's same titled novel.
This time there is no language support because this is an exclusive version for Hungarian gamers and book readers.

Another news is that the development continues, we already did improvements in the balance and porting to mobile devices just started too. Be prepared for more news soon!


  1. Wow. I'd like to be able to speak hungarian :) I really like the nice touches added since the last patch. can't wait to see it in english (maybe even that spin-off could be translated ? I don't know about those books and that game could make me interested in reading them)
    Does anyone here know a bit of hungarian to translate it ?

  2. I was actually checking to see if there was a mobile version yet. I would be ecstatic to play 10mss on my droid 4.

  3. Are you going to make multiplayer? LAN at least? Would be nice.
    P.S. Can help)

  4. Suggestion: When there is more than one human player, if the game could be saved when the "Player X Turn" window is being displayed, (possibly even with that window having a "save" and "continue" button on it) saving the game before the space view is exposed, that would at the least, for now, allow the e-mailing of saved games to other players... for those of us that are desperate to do such. :)

  5. So ? Noone here knows a bit about hungarian ?
    I'm curious to know more about the lore behind that "mod" for the game.