Oct 30, 2012

10minSS soundtrack

10minSS soundtrack is now available at SoundCloud.

01. Enter HyperSpace [Extended Mix] (Main theme/Menu music)
02. Fade To Black (In-game music, ambient+action layers)
03. Glorious Victory (Victory/Win music)
04. Terrible End (Game over/Lose music)

The compilation contains the latest/freshest/re-mixed versions of game music
Listen, share and enjoy.


  1. The music is so good !
    It reminds me a little of Imperium Galactica 2.

  2. Sweet. Thanks for sharing.

    In fact, thanks in general. I discovered your game a few months ago through Reddit and I really enjoy the Master of Orion experience without the massive time commitment. Keep up the good work!

  3. It would be nice to see a new post here at least once or twice per month. It doesn't need to have always great news, but its better than let us thinking that the blog is dead...

  4. The music is awesome! Thank you for provind it to us.