Jun 4, 2013

Status report - June, 2013

Behind the scenes:
Half of the team is working on the new design of the game. Don't worry, we keep everything from the original gameplay :) Also, we are going to add more ideas and features - thanks to you guys, for all the feedback you've sent us.

We must redesign the controls, because we can't use mouse on tablets - "thank you, captain obvious".

The other half of the team is working on the code, the restructuring and porting process show good progress. The new game engine works on multiple platforms without glitches.
We would like to say thank you for your support and would like to ask to be patient. It takes a lot of work hours to finish the game but we think it worth the effort. The final game will be a blast! :)


  1. Awesome.

    IMO, this is the best part of the project, I mean, the design and coding. I'm more familiar with the coding part, though I have some artistic skills... :)

    I wonder the great times you guys are having. How many lost semicolons until now? :)

  2. Mostly it is fun but if one encounters an issue... pain in the... lower end.
    I will ask the coder how many semicolons we have right now. It can be interesting because of merged old and new code lines :)

  3. I was wondering... Do you guys have a target smartphone model (in terms of graphics capabilities or whatever) on wich 10minSS is expected run?