Sep 4, 2013

Look! A screenshot!

We are back from holiday with some great news:

First of all, we would like to say thank you to Ricardo Benton, he sent us a Brazilian-Portugues language pack.

Currently the whole codebase is being reworked. We gone for an object oriented approach, and separated the code into packages about the logic and graphics. All code implementing game logic will be unit tested along the way. We also introduced a new, more modern game engine, which supports all major platforms: Linux, Windows, Mac OS-X, Android and iOS.

Game package diagram:


  1. Csak kiváncsiságból, Unity4 lesz az új engine vagy valami egyéb? Hajráhajrá

  2. Nem, nem Unity4... de többet nem mondok, majd meglátjátok ;)

  3. Two months later went through this blog and see the new engine update.
    Great, the game deserves it.

    Now as a bonus I would like to play on my old android 2.1, but I do not know how will you be of limited oldest devices, but always have the computer to play it.