Dec 19, 2014

New hex fade effect, call for opinions

Good news everyone, recently I messed around a little with the code doing the game map drawing, and based on one of our reader's - Jorge - suggestion, I came up with a fading effect of the hex grid, based on the mouse cursor position. You can see it in action on the video below (sorry for the shitty quality), and on some screenshots too. The effect can work in two different ways, the grid is either visible only around the mouse, or visible everywhere else, except around the mouse. What do you think, which is better?


  1. I think that one is the best :
    " the grid is visible only around the mouse"

  2. I second having the grid around the mouse. Taking it away from around the mouse would making clicking less precise.

  3. This really seems like an individual preference sort of thing, so why not just make it a game option and let everyone decide for themselves? Personally, I'd just like the grid to always appear without any fading.

    One thing I noticed in the second example video was that the homeworlds for player 1 and player 2 were very close together. These sudden death scenarios aren't really fun, so if the random map generator could avoid creating them that would be really nice.

  4. I also think, as Darving pointed out, that making an optional feature would be the best solution, perhaps with no grid fading by default. Besides, both fading effect types are very interesting. I could choose one only by looking at it but there's more to consider than just the visual aspect.

    Great job, anyway! It is far better than I expected...

  5. Thanks for the great feedback. We want to make a separate option in the menu where this effect can be customized (turning it on and off, determine what kind of fading you want, and with how large radius), so don't worry, everyone can make it the way they want. All we wanted to know is what's the general opinion about this feature, and based on that, the default option will probably be the grid being visible around the mouse. Thanks again, your feedback was very helpful.