Feb 1, 2015

Brief update

Hi folks

Sorry that the blog gone silent for a while, but the holidays (Happy New Year by the way! ;) ) and other "fluctuations" took us off the track a bit. But no reason to worry, these changes serves the game making. Unfortunately it would be premature to share our plans right now, but stay tuned, when the game will be complete, it'll be better than ever.

Also, thanks for the great feedback about the fading effect. We want to make a separate option in the menu where this effect can be customized (turning it on and off, determine what kind of fading you want, and with how large radius), so don't worry, everyone can make it the way they want. All we wanted to know is what's the general opinion about this feature, and based on that, the default option will probably be the grid being visible around the mouse. Thanks again, your feedback was very helpful.


  1. Or next one ? XD
    Just to say that there's some people that keep watching your progress :)

  2. Ajánlom magamat. :)

  3. It would be great if you guys put the source on GitHub for those who wanted to learn from you (including myself) and/or put their effort on the project. This could compensate your current lack of free time (or whatever reasons/priorities you guys have ATM) and add more visibility to the game itself.

    Wouldn't it be a good thing? Surely it would be better than this uncertainty about the future of 10minSS.

    If not, it wouldn't hurt to tell us what is going on...

  4. So ? 9 months later, what's new ?